Who We Are

Over 50 Years

In 1973, a group of enthusiastic people with various occupations and backgrounds united to preserve the rural heritage of the local region. They were led by their interest in collecting and restoring antique agricultural equipment. This group would be known as the Tuckahoe Steam and Gas Association. There were 79 charter members, eight of them youth members. There are now more than 250 active members and 400 associate members.

The Association started with a small piece of ground on Route 50 north of Easton. Over the years, parcels have been added until now the grounds cover almost 60 acres, occupied by a dozen buildings. Many of the buildings house machinery and equipment restored to museum condition.

Tuckahoe is a 501(c)(3) non-profit all volunteer organization with thousands of hours of labor donated each year in the administration of the Association and maintaining the grounds and the buildings. Many of these hours are also spent collecting and restoring the old equipment and displaying it so that future generations will be able to learn about their proud heritage.

The Association’s goal is to not only to display the
equipment, but to operate it during shows and events. This keeps the equipment from getting lost to history, and motivates the younger generations to participate, allowing them to learn the skills and crafts of their ancestors. Farming techniques and skills that previously supported the rural communities are handed down to future generations.

Collecting, restoring, displaying, and operating this equipment pays tribute to our ancestors. Through their ingenuity, they developed the machinery that made the American farmer and industry more productive and safer. Thus reducing the amount of hard labor required to produce the food and goods needed by the growing population.

Over the years, the Association has sponsored many family-oriented events at the show grounds to finance the needs of the growing organization. Community support of events including the annual show, tractor pulls, rodeos and music shows have allowed us to further our goal of preserving rural heritage.

Over forty years of friendships, hard work, and community support are clearly in evidence in this unique place called Tuckahoe Steam and Gas Association. All of those involved, from the founders to the present members, are proud of their contribution to the Eastern Shore community and the community of similar organizations dedicated to the preservation of our agricultural legacy.

In 2011 the Tuckahoe Steam and Gas Association was honored to receive the Talbot County Historical Society’s prestigious “Heritage Award”.


Where You Find Us


Tuckahoe Steam & Gas Assoc.
11472 Ocean Gateway
Easton MD 21601